Travel First Aid Kit

SKU 101288
  • Enhanced Content, Treats More Injuries
  • Fits Easily Into Luggage, Backpacks Or Glove Box
  • An Essential Travel Accessory On A Holiday!
  • Treatment: Bleeding, Burns, Fractures And CPR

It’s a well-known fact that while we are travelling, the likelihood of small injuries especially in unfamiliar surroundings and doing activities such as sport or adventure we tend to induce more risk as well.

This 75 piece Travel first aid kit from Trafalgar is equipped to treat bleeding, burns, fractures and CPR and is a necessity on any trip away.

Compact and durable, the case can easily fit inside a glove box or travel bag ensures you are equipped with the right first aid products at all times.

Kit Content

 5 x Adhesive Mini Strips

1 x Burnaid Sachet

2 x Resealable Bags

2 x Adhesive Round Plasters

20 x Cotton Buds

10 x Safety Pins

20 x Adhesive Strips

1 x CPR Shield

1 x Splinter Probe

1 x Antiseptic Cream Sachet

2 x Disposable Latex Gloves

1 x Triangular Bandage

1 x Bandage Conforming 7.5cm

1 x Eye Pad

1 x Tweezers

1 x First Aid Guide

1 x Wound Dressing

1 x Gauze Swab 5cm 2pc

3 x Wound Wipes