Area Warden Cap Yellow — Trafalgar First Aid

Area Warden Cap Yellow

SKU 881222
  • Easily identifies Area Wardens in an emergency
  • 6 panel baseball style cap
  • 100% Cotton
  • Area Warden in black text
  • Adjustable band at back
  • One-size-fits-all

Quick Identification during Emergencies: During critical situations like fire alarms, opting for yellow-coloured caps serves as a practical and widely adopted choice for distinguishing floor wardens. This visual indicator significantly contributes to ensuring that individuals can promptly identify and follow the instructions of the wardens, ultimately leading to a more efficient response.

Compliance with Australian Standard 3745-2010: Australian Standard 3745-2010 requires emergency control organisation personnel to be easily identifiable during an emergency to ensure that building occupants and the emergency services know who to speak to. The Area Warden caps will identify emergency personnel during emergencies.