First Aiders Choice Heavy Support Crepe Bandage, 10cm (W) — Trafalgar First Aid

First Aiders Choice Heavy Support Crepe Bandage, 10cm (W)

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  • Substantial support for sprains and strains
  • 10cm width is better suited for larger limbs like forearms, calves, or medium-sized joints
  • It offers more coverage and can absorb and exert more compression over a larger area
  • Soft, washable and reusable

Heavy Support:

  • Substantial Support: Designed to provide substantial support to the affected area
  • Benefit in Sprains and Strains: Particularly beneficial for cases requiring additional stability

Moderate Compression:

  • Compression Advantages: The bandage offers moderate compression
  • Swelling Reduction: Application of pressure reduces swelling
  • Improved Blood Circulation: Promotes better blood flow to the injured area
  • Fluid Build-Up Prevention: Helps prevent fluid accumulation

Alleviates Swelling:

  • Targeted Swelling Reduction: The bandage aims to help alleviate swelling
  • Pain Reduction: Contributes to pain reduction and discomfort relief
  • Facilitates Healing: Swelling reduction supports the healing process

Secures Wound Dressings:

  • Multi-Purpose Use: Besides support and compression, the crepe bandage secures wound dressings
  • Clean Healing Environment: Maintains cleanliness and protection for wounds