Industrial Manufacturing First Aid Kit — Trafalgar First Aid

Industrial Manufacturing First Aid Kit

SKU 101712

Made in accordance to the Safework Aust First Aid Code of Practice 2019 and specifically for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The wall-mounted case is made from tough ABS plastic material protecting contents from dust. Contains a range of industrial-grade products including a range of fabric strips, antiseptic spray, crepe bandages and a resuscitation mask to ensure you're prepared for most first aid emergencies.

Refill kit available.

Kit Contains

50 x Adhesive First Aid Strips

40 x Adhesive First Aid Strips - Knuckle

1 x Adhesive Paper Tape - 2.5cm x 5m

10 x Alcohol Wipes

1 x Antiseptic Spray 50ml

1 x Bag - Biohazard

2 x Bag - Resealable (Small)

2 x Bag - Resealable (Medium)

2 x Bag - Resealable (Large)

3 x Bandage - Conforming 5cm x 1.8m

3 x Bandage - Conforming 7.5cm x 1.8m

1 x Bandage - Crepe Medium Support 10cm x 2m

2 x Bandage - Triangular 110cm x 110cm x 155cm

10 x Burn Relief Gel 3.5g

1 x CPR Mask in Hard Case

1 x CPR Pocket Card

1 x Dressing - Combine 10cm x 20cm

6 x Dressing - Non Adherent 5cm x 5cm

3 x Dressing - Non Adherent 7.5cm x 10cm

3 x Dressing - Non Adherent 10cm x 10cm

1 x Dressing - Wound No.13 (Small)

1 x Dressing - Wound No.14 (Medium)

1 x Dressing - Wound No.15 (Large)

5 x Eye Dressing Pad

1 x Eye Wash 100ml

1 x First Aid Manual

5 x Gauze Swab 7.5cm x 7.5cm (5pcs)

5 x Gloves - Nitrile (Pair)

1 x Instant Cold Pack - Small

1 x Register Of Injuries Book and Pen

1 x Safety Pins - Assorted

8 x Saline Pods 20ml

1 x Scissors

10 x Splinter Probe - Disposable

1 x Thermal Rescue Blanket

1 x Tweezer

10 x Wound Wipes

Health Warning

Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use.

General Information Intended Purpose

A collection of equipment for the initial treatment of minor to moderate injuries.