Trafalgar Rigger Glove Size 12 — Trafalgar First Aid

Trafalgar Rigger Glove Size 12

SKU 102780
  • Made from durable double-stitched Cowgrain Leather
  • There is a left and right-handed glove in this pair
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Size: 12
  • Pack of 12 pairs

Trafalgar Rigger Gloves are ideal for use in a range of workplaces, from agriculture, construction, trucking and transport. For durability, they're made from a high quality cowgrain leather that's double-stitched to avoid tears. To keep you comfortable while you work, they've got a stitch-free palm, flexible winged thumb, and an elastic backing. Recommended uses such trucking, forestry, mining/construction, rigging and farming

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